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Difference between a visit vs property
Difference between a visit vs property
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Navigating WHC: Property vs. Visit Management

In the vibrant world of Wave House Cleaning (WHC), understanding the distinction between managing your "property" and individual "visits" is key to a seamless cleaning experience. Let's delve into the nuances:

Property Management

  • Scope: Applies changes to your entire property, encompassing details, notes, and cleaning plans/extras.

  • Example: Set a universal alarm code for all visits to a specific property.

Visit Management

  • Scope: Tailors modifications to a particular visit, including details, notes, and cleaning plans/extras, unique to that individual visit.

  • Example: Input different alarm codes for various visits to the same property based on specific guest requirements.

Airbnb Host Tip

  • For Airbnb hosts overseeing multiple properties, "property" management ensures consistent standards across all listings. Simultaneously, "visit" management allows personalized adjustments for each guest's stay.

In essence, whether you're aiming for uniformity across visits or personalized tweaks, WHC gives you the flexibility to manage your cleaning preferences effectively!

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