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How do I add or remove extra services to a visit or property?
How do I add or remove extra services to a visit or property?
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Tailor Your Cleaning Experience: Adding or Removing Extras Made Easy!

Understanding the distinction between a visit and a property is essential for efficiently managing your cleaning preferences on the Wave House Cleaning (WHC) platform here. If you're looking to customize the extras for a property or a visit, follow these simple steps:

For Property

  1. Visit the property page.

  1. Select your property.

  2. Click on the edit icon.

  3. Manage your extras for this property effortlessly.

For Visit

  1. Choose the specific visit you want to manage.

  2. Click on the edit icon.

  3. Tailor your extras for that particular visit with ease.

By following these user-friendly steps, you can seamlessly add or remove extras, ensuring your cleaning experience aligns perfectly with your preferences

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