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How do I manage my property details?
How do I manage my property details?
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Managing Property Details on Wave House Cleaning (WHC)

Our WHC platform empowers you to effortlessly oversee your "property" details. Here's a straightforward guide:

Property Details

  • When handling your "property," which includes specifics like notes, cleaning plans/extras, and more, any changes you make will apply universally to all visits associated with that specific property.

  • Example: If you want consistent alarm codes for all visits to a particular property, include this information under the "property" details.

In essence, "property" management provides a centralized approach, ensuring uniformity across all visits to that property.

Airbnb Use Case

  • As an Airbnb host managing multiple properties, utilizing "property" management ensures consistent standards across all your listings.

Visit Management

  • If you'd like to understand the differences between managing a "property" and a "visit," check out our guide here.

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