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What’s happiness guaranteed?
What’s happiness guaranteed?
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Happiness Guaranteed at Wave House Cleaning: Our Pledge to Your Satisfaction

At Wave House Cleaning, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering top-notch services, and our "Happiness Guaranteed" promise is a testament to that commitment. We want every customer to be not just satisfied but delighted with our cleaning services. Here's a breakdown of what our promise entails:

Our Commitment to Satisfaction

  • 24-Hour Window: We value your feedback. If there's any aspect of our cleaning that falls short of your expectations, kindly inform us within 24 hours of the service. This quick turnaround allows us to address concerns promptly and effectively.

Re-Cleaning Guarantee

  • In the rare event of dissatisfaction, we go the extra mile. Wave House Cleaning will return to re-clean specific areas of concern at no additional cost to you. Our goal is to ensure that every nook and cranny of your space not only meets but exceeds your expectations and our high standards.

Serious Concern Handling

  • Your concerns matter to us. Our dedicated team takes every customer's feedback seriously. We are committed to resolving any issues swiftly, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Your happiness is our priority.

Refund Policy

  • While Wave House Cleaning does not offer refunds, we stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction, we will re-clean the premises as outlined in our guarantee. Additionally, we provide the option to credit your account with Wave House for future services.

Need help? Contact us

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us. We're here to help!

  • Call or Text: Reach out to us at +1 844-928-3669

  • Intercom Chat-bot: Click on the blue chat icon on our website for instant assistance.

  • Email Support: Contact us at for any inquiries or assistance.

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