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How can I refer friends or family to your cleaning services?
How can I refer friends or family to your cleaning services?
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Unlocking Rewards: Your Guide to Referring Friends and Family to Wave House Cleaning!

Ever wondered about the perks of introducing your loved ones to the refreshing world of Wave House Cleaning? Look no further – here's your complete guide on how to refer friends or family and bask in the wave of rewards

How It Works

  1. Refer a Friend:

    • 🌟 Share the cleaning joy! Spread the word about Wave House Cleaning to your friends and let the good vibes flow.

  2. Get Rewarded:

    • πŸ’– Your friend enjoys a fantastic credit on their initial cleaning, and as a heartfelt thank-you, you earn a credit for your next cleaning.

  3. How to Refer:

    • πŸš€ Ready to kickstart the wave of rewards? Simply click the "Refer a Friend" button in our emails or messages. It's that easy!

  4. Watch the Waves:

    • 🌊 Sit back, relax, and let us keep you updated. Once your referred friend completes their cleaning, you'll receive confirmation, and your credits are ready for use.

  5. Exclusive Credits:

    • 🌈 Your earned credits come in various forms – think percentage discounts or cool dollar credits. The specifics will be revealed when you redeem them.

  6. Stay Informed:

    • πŸ“£ Your participation is cherished! Stay in the loop with exciting updates and news about the program. We keep you informed every step of the way.

  7. Act Fast:

    • ⏰ Seize the opportunity! Redeem your credit within the specified time frame. It's our way of saying thank you for being a stellar part of the Wave House Cleaning community.

  8. Enjoy the Clean Vibes:

    • ✨ Let's make your home sparkle together! Immerse yourself in the clean vibes and embrace the flexibility of credits. Thanks for being a zen-loving, referral-vibes superstar at Wave House Cleaning! 🏑✨

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