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Discover the secret to achieving the perfect deep clean with Wave House Cleaning's exclusive extras. Elevate your cleaning experience and transform your space with our specialized services tailored to your unique needs.


Experience crystal-clear views and a dust-free environment with our comprehensive blind cleaning service.

  • Cost: Starting at $10 Each (May vary based on size and condition)


Revitalize your living space by removing smudges and stains with our professional wall cleaning service.

  • Cost: $8 Each


Maximize storage space and maintain organization with our closet cleaning service, the key to a clutter-free home.

  • Cost: $15 Per Room


Unlock the full potential of your space with our expert organizing service, ensuring every item has its place for a tidy and functional environment.

  • Cost: $20 Every 30 Mins Per Cleaner


Say goodbye to dish duty and enjoy a spotless kitchen with our hassle-free dishwashing service.

  • Cost: $15 Per Load

Inside Oven

Achieve culinary perfection in a sparkling clean oven with our deep cleaning service, eliminating grease and grime for a pristine cooking environment.

  • Cost: $20 Per Additional Oven (1 included on initial/standard cleaning)

Inside Windows

Let natural light flood into your home with our window cleaning service, providing streak-free windows for a brighter atmosphere.

  • Cost: $20 Up to 10 Windows, $4 Each After (Regular-sized)

Inside Pantry

Keep your pantry organized and accessible with our pantry cleaning service, ensuring every ingredient is within reach for effortless meal prep.

  • Cost: $20 (Price may vary based on size)

Inside Fridge

Maintain freshness and eliminate odors with our fridge cleaning service, preserving the quality of your food and beverages.

  • Cost: Starting at $20 (May vary based on size and quantity)

Laundry & Linens

Experience the luxury of freshly laundered linens and clothing with our laundry service, saving you time and effort on household chores.

  • Cost: $20 Each Load

Patio or Balcony

Create an outdoor oasis with our patio or balcony cleaning service, allowing you to relax and unwind in a pristine outdoor space.

  • Cost: $20 (Price may vary based on size)

Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Restore order to your kitchen with our cabinet cleaning service, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient cooking area.

  • Cost: Starting at $20 (May vary based on size and quantity)

Inside Bathroom Cabinets

Maintain a hygienic and organized bathroom with our cabinet cleaning service, keeping your toiletries easily accessible and neatly arranged.

  • Cost: $15 Per Bathroom


Wave House Cleaning's garage cleaning service is designed to tackle the toughest garage challenges, leaving you with a clean, organized, and functional space.

  • Receive the Quote: Based on the photos provided, we'll provide you with a detailed quote for the garage cleaning service.


Unlock the secret to a flawless deep clean with Wave House Cleaning's exclusive extras.

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