We offer extra services that you can choose for your cleaning visits and those are the following:

Laundry: $12.00 per load

Dishes: First light load of dishes is free, $10.00 after

Walls: $4.00 each

Organizing: $10.00 / each 30 mins ( Anything that requires specific attention Eg: unpacking clothing and arranging it in the closets or cabinets )

Inside fridge: $15.00

Inside kitchen cabinets: $15.00

Inside windows: $15.00 up to 14 windows

Patio: $15.00 each

Blinds: $5.00 each

Bathroom cabinets: $7.00 each bathroom

Pantry: $15.00

Closets: $7.00 each bedroom

You can see our Initial/Deep or Upkeep/Basic list of services here: Services

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