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What is included in the post-construction/remodel cleaning?
What is included in the post-construction/remodel cleaning?

Frequently Asked Questions

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We require an initial cleaning for a post-construction/remodel cleaning.

A construction cleanup gets broken down into two types:

  1. A rough cleaning happens during construction by your general contractor or builder.

  2. A final cleaning, which is where Wave House Cleaning comes in.

For most homes, you’ll want to do a deep, thorough final cleaning before moving into your home. We can only clean after all construction debris is removed such as nails, slabs of concrete, bricks, and metal framing materials.

Construction cleanup may require multiple visits depending on the amount of construction or remodeling done at the property.

Based on your home's needs, extra services may be needed that are not included in our Initial cleaning. Please review our extra services below. For more information on what is included in our initial cleaning, click here.

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